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toilet installation

A new toilet installation in Orem can cost $428!

Most homeowners spend $428 on average for new toil installation, but some people can spend up to $900 depending on the type of materials. The cost of labor for installation will also affect the actual price. When choosing among different plumbers in Orem, you should consult up to three contractors to compare quotes. You should expect to […]


Scorpion pest control secrets for Phoenix

Scorpions are ancient creatures that have been in existence for several years. Fossil record reports indicate that scorpions have been around for more than 400 million years. However, the appearance of scorpions has not changed over time. Currently, the word has more than 1500 different species of scorpions and we still have more under discovery. […]


What is Xeriscaping?

If you haven’t heard of this trend in gardening and landscaping, its not surprising. The term has been coined in the 1980s, whereas the concept exists since the 1970s. It hasn’t become universally popular yet, but it is gaining some traction, particularly in drier climates, such as southern California. In a nutshell, xeriscaping is a […]