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cutting down a tree

Cutting down a tree the DIY way

Cutting down a tree is not a trivial matter. It is actually very serious and may lead to bodily harm if it is done incorrectly, especially if you have never used a chainsaw before. We highly recommend you take this job seriously, because the last thing any person wishes to deal with is a person […]

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How to prune your trees the right way

Who doesn’t enjoy keeping their property clean and green, right? A healthy tree in your property can result in contributing more than just a source of shed or oxygen. A well pruned tree can make a lot of difference both in terms of its health and physical appearance as well. Contrary to popular beliefs, pruning […]

cutting down a tree

Steps to cutting down a tree

Before you begin to cut down a tree, speak with your local government and your surrounding neighbors, so they are aware of what may happen. It may be against some jurisdictions to cut trees down in public places. If you are planning on cutting down a tree on your own yard, please be sure to […]


5 awesome ways to take care of your trees

Taking care of trees in your picturesque garden ostensibly is a daunting task but, in reality, it just requires some diligence. While trees play a vital role in uplifting the aesthetics and ambiance of your place, it is also important to consider their upkeep and make sure they are well-kept to continue augmenting the visual […]


How to choose the right tree for your garden

Nothing says ‘welcome to your new home’ better than a thoughtful and pleasing housewarming gift. Rather than chocolates or wine, living gifts like trees and plants will last for years and provide year-round pleasure (not to mention marking an important milestone in a homebuyer’s life). However, do you choose plants that fruit, shrubs or trees? […]