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potting shed

5 tips for maintaining your potting shed

Gardening is a very humbling activity that one can engage in to pass the time or immerse oneself and forget the hustle and bustle of life. A lot goes into gardening as it is not just about the plants, but also about managing and handling other gardening aspects. Gardening has several components and one of […]

shed roof

A guide to maintaining shed roofs

Good quality and well-cared for sheds are usually robust, which means you won’t need to replace on a frequent basis. Smaller issues like a torn felt-roof is easy to repair, yet larger issues which include large warped wood areas or unstable bases might mean you need to invest in a new one. Here is a […]


How to choose your dream shed

When you imagine your dream shed, you will generally think about one of the traditional and rustic wooden ones.  This is due to the fact that wood has been the material of choice for sheds as it provides traditional good looks, durability and can be painted with treatments to stand out more or blend into […]

She shed

She dreams of a she shed by the sea shore

If you didn’t know what a she shed was before watching State Farm Insurance’s amusing commercial with regards to whether a flaming she shed—equipped with a chandelier and posh decor—was covered by homeowner’s insurance, you do now. More importantly, it’s hard not to want one. Of course, a she shed can certainly be gender fluid—it can be a she […]


Top ten designs for your garden shed

Some homeowners spend a lot of time and money doing everything that they can to enhance the looks of their home. In fact, based on the owner and their personal requirements, they may spend as much time on the outside of the home as they do on the inside. Therefore, when they want to take […]