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How to protect your home and garden

If you have a garden that you lovingly tend to, the last thing you want is for your beloved plants to become tasty snacks for creepy crawlies and other kinds of pests. Fortunately, you don’t need to immediately reach for the harsh chemicals to spray all over your garden – there are plenty of organic […]

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6 tips for staying safe in your garden

Gardening is a healthy and meaningful activity for most people. However, like any outdoor activity, you are at risk for insect bites, chemical exposure, and garden tool-related injuries. As much as you would like to beautify your home’s curb appeal by planting blooms, mowing your lawn, and creating flower beds, it’s important to take safety […]


Child safety tips in the garden

A garden is a place that most adults are comfortable with. However, children also love being in the garden to help and learn about the garden. However, many adults do not realize that the garden is filled with hazards that can cause very bad accidents to the children. Things like chemicals, tools, plants and other […]

garden safety

How to stay safe while gardening

Pottering about in the garden is often characterised as a safe, sedate activity. While this is often true, it always pays to be sensible and considerate of your surroundings, particularly when you’re using potentially dangerous gardening tools and equipment. Here then are a few straightforward tips to enjoy everything that’s wonderful about gardening, while shielding […]


How to spot mold early

Countless people are exposed to mold every day, the real scare is that most don’t have a hint of what is to come. Mold is reminiscent of the villain in a scary movie, but instead of a creepy lurker around the corner, it can sometimes be right in front of your very eyes! With mold, […]


How to use a chainsaw safely

When it comes to cutting down trees or cutting through large branches, chainsaws are extremely effective. When handled incorrectly, however, they can be quite dangerous. That is why it is so important to learn how to use a chainsaw safely. The following tips will help: 1. Use a blade guard when the saw is not […]