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5 ways to get rid of pests naturally

Keeping Your Premises Safe Without Chemicals There are a lot of pest control methods out there. Some are going to work excellent, but leave chemical residue which is bad for your family or employees. Some will turn your world upside-down. What you’re looking for are natural options which do the trick and don’t damage your […]

pest control

Why is pest control necessary?

One of the ways to keep your home safe is to remove pests inside it. Some rodents carry diseases and could infest your kitchens. Termites cause damage to your ceilings or walls especially if they are made from wood. Insects, spiders, and bugs can bite you. These and a lot of others are the reasons […]

fire ants

How to control fire ants in your yard

The yard is the place where you rest in the evening. It is the spot where your children usually play. But if your yard has uninvited fire ants then it is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your yard. Fire ants can sting aggressively and it can cause irritation and pain. […]


Do ultrasonic repellers really work?

Ultrasonic pest repellers use high frequency sound waves that are said to repel rodents and insects. But do they really work? Read our latest expert guide to find out. People often ask the question “does ultrasonic rodent repellers function?” Well, the answer is not that straightforward. Ultrasonic pest devices cover an acoustic spectrum above our […]

cockroach remedies

Home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches

All natural processes are usually slow, and so is the case with cockroaches. With chemicals and powerful pesticides you will see instant results. Then again, these are harmful chemicals and you don’t want to get your family members involved with this toxic mess. So, if natural remedies are the way to go then let us […]