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water ionizer

How to choose the right water ionizer for you

For decades, water ionizers have been used in Asia to help treat conditions including arthritis, weight problems, cancer, inflammatory conditions, digestive issues, skin disorders, acid reflux, allergies, fatigue, gout, and even chronic pain. Alkaline water works by restoring the body’s natural pH balance, acting as a potent antioxidant, and stimulating cellular hydration – and achieving […]

rest and exercise

5 suggestions for better sleep and exercise

It’s a definitive chicken-and-egg problem: Sleep can give you energy, repair your muscles, adjust your hormones, fuel your exercise, and get you during that time while working out can help enhance your sleep, boost your energy, upgrade your temperament, and reinforce your metabolism. So, in the event that you just have 30 additional minutes to […]

Allergy-proof your home

5 steps to allergy-proof your home

Winter will be here soon – a season many people hate. Not because of the cold weather, but mostly because it is also deemed as the allergy season. You and/or your family may experience allergies like runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. While drugs like antihistamine can help you with your allergy, there are other […]