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gardening mistakes

Top 5 gardening mistakes you may be making

Some people have green fingers, everything seems to bloom and grow healthily. It may be they have a special talent, but it’s not impossible for anyone to achieve good results. It takes time, care and a degree of knowledge gained by experience, or listening to sound advice. Rattan Direct are committed to delivering guidance on […]

summer garden

Your summer garden makeover

At last summer is here and we can get outside. The garden becomes part of our home once more and not just the place that you store the bins! Is your garden looking a little sorry for itself after the long winter months? It’s time to get your gardening gloves on and give it a […]

pink flowers

4 “pretty in pink” flowers & when to plant them

Whether you’re a fan of feminine shades or prefer a less stereotypically “girly” colour palette, there’s no denying that pink blooms look blooming beautiful in almost every garden. In fact, even in fashion and interior design, pink is having something of a moment. So called “millennial pink” is the current shade du jour, while Pantone […]