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restaurant furniture

A guide to outdoor restaurant furniture

The interior design of a restaurant, cafe or bar can have a huge effect on its profitability. Not only do you need your restaurant to be an attractive place to eat, it should also encourage a high number of visitors. Every restaurant owner should keep this in mind when improving their outdoor space. This won’t just involve you, but […]

patio furniture

A guide to choosing patio furniture

To bring function and comfort to your outdoor spaces, you should invest in great patio furniture. With comfortable, easy-to-use chairs and a spacious table, you can transform a brick patio into the perfect dining space. Outfit a cozy porch with a wicker sofa coupled with a classic wicker rocker chair, stock both with ample cushions, […]

garden furniture

Garden furniture buying guide

Transforming a garden into a cozy and intimate area has never been easier. With beautiful yet comfortable furniture to relax on, you and your loved ones get a chance to enjoy the view, and the freshness that the garden provides, together. If you love interacting with nature, then having a stunning garden area with beautiful […]