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gardening trends

Top garden trends for 2017

Looking forward to getting back in the garden now that spring has sprung? Trends might be less perennial than a butterfly bush, but that doesn’t mean they can’t inspire you to get your garden looking better than ever. Check out our list of top garden trends for 2017 – from sustainability to design, furniture and […]

garden furniture

Top 5 garden furniture essentials

We are positively certain that 2017 is going to bring with it one of the best spring and summer seasons we’ve had in years. That’s our theory anyway and we’re sticking to it. So with that in mind we are providing our top five list of garden furniture essentials in order to ensure you can […]

small gardens

Big ideas for small gardens

A lot of people think that when they have a smaller garden, it places a serious limit on what they can do with the space. Despite what you may have heard, a smaller garden doesn’t need to be a crutch on the garden’s comfort and uniqueness. If you want to do something different with your […]