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backyard sports

Designing a backyard for sports fans

Playing a sport is extremely important in life due to the fact that physical exercise has heaps of health benefits. From lowering the chances of obesity and other weight-related issues to building a strong and fit physique, it is certain that everybody needs a bit of daily recreation. However, how cool would it be to […]

Alfresco area

How to create an alfresco area

Outdoor entertainment areas are becoming increasingly popular in most homes. Considering the demanding lifestyle most people lead, a luxury area where they can rest & unwind will prove to be useful. And you’ll agree that the experience is made even better if this relaxation area is in the comfort of your home. This simply means […]

low maintenance garden

Low maintenance garden ideas

With the summer months fast approaching, it’s time to get your garden in tip-top condition for its busiest period. You may think having the perfect garden is a full-time job and it can be, but there are plenty of tips and tricks for creating a stunning green garden that doesn’t require constant upkeep. A low […]