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Swan Loveseat

5 wonderful ways to use the Swan Loveseat

Originally created for the super-modern Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Swan Loveseat is versatile piece of classic Scandinavian design. Here are just 5 ways you can use it in your home: Entrance First of all, the Swan Loveseat not only caters to the practicality needs of an entrance, such as putting on shoes […]

sofa bed

How To Clean A Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are truly one of life’s great pleasures. These handy little pieces of furnishing can serve two extremely important functions. Not only do they provide you will a suitable place to sit during the day and evening hours, but at night the can make for a relaxing sleeping place. However, due to their versatility […]

restaurant furniture

A guide to outdoor restaurant furniture

The interior design of a restaurant, cafe or bar can have a huge effect on its profitability. Not only do you need your restaurant to be an attractive place to eat, it should also encourage a high number of visitors. Every restaurant owner should keep this in mind when improving their outdoor space. This won’t just involve you, but […]