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cutting down a tree

Cutting down a tree the DIY way

Cutting down a tree is not a trivial matter. It is actually very serious and may lead to bodily harm if it is done incorrectly, especially if you have never used a chainsaw before. We highly recommend you take this job seriously, because the last thing any person wishes to deal with is a person […]

roofing main

Roof maintenance checklist

With all that daily hustle we often forget about the roofs. Replacing or repairing a roof could be expensive. So, it is recommended to spend some time every few months and keep the routine maintenance going. Keep the roof clean and maintained is important to increase it life span. Roof maintenance are often ignored, but […]

DIY grill smoker

How to make a simple DIY charcoal grill

Who doesn’t love a perfectly grilled burger on a Sunday afternoon? Homemade Grilled foods just taste a hundred times better than the traditional pan cooking foods. On top of that, the joy of grilling on your garden or backyard while drinking a cold beer is a unique experience and no pan cooking can replace that. […]


Ten DIY tools every homeowner should own

DIY is a natural part of homeownership. But if you want to do it properly then you need to have access to the right tools. That being said, here are ten vital DIY tools that every homeowner needs to own. 1. Tape measure The old adage goes ‘measure twice, cut once’ and you’re going to […]