patio heater

Modern heating options for patios and outdoor spaces

In recent years, patio heaters that run on canisters of gas were introduced to the commercial market in the United Kingdom. Walking down the street, you could often see these heaters being used to keep patrons warm while they dined or drank in outdoor spaces. It wasn’t long before similar heaters were introduced to the […]

small patio

How to style up your small patio

Want to lift the value and style of your home? Creating a small patio at home could definitely help.  A patio is a paved area outside a home that is usually adjoined and utilized for dining, entertaining or relaxation – an additional recreational spot for your home.  Nowadays, many homeowners give great importance to their patio […]


RVs and Tents in a nutshell

The traditional way of camping dictates that use of a tent is a must and therefore the avid camper will always have his tent packed up and ready to go. But what about camping using your RV? Moving house is something that comes in handy right? A small camping tent is what makes up your […]

Your guide to growing red roses

A guide to growing red roses

Learn how to grow stunning red roses with the help of our latest expert guide. Ever wanted to try growing your own roses but were unsure where to start? This new infographic from our friends over at Rattan Direct will teach you how to differentiate between different species of roses, what time of year is […]

gardening mistakes

Top 5 gardening mistakes you may be making

Some people have green fingers, everything seems to bloom and grow healthily. It may be they have a special talent, but it’s not impossible for anyone to achieve good results. It takes time, care and a degree of knowledge gained by experience, or listening to sound advice. Rattan Direct are committed to delivering guidance on […]