water features

5 styles of garden water features

It’s June. For the UK, that means switching off our boilers for the next three months so we can enjoy the sweltering temperatures and spend our weekends barbecuing. It’s time for garden parties and sunbathing in the backyard, so those home garden projects you’ve been putting off can’t be ignored for much longer. Here, we’ll […]

nature kitchen

4 ways to let nature nurture your kitchen

Nature inspired kitchens always seem to exude a calming, soothing feel. If you get it right, the ambience you can create will allow you to feel more in harmony with nature than anywhere else in your home. Creating an authentic, natural space doesn’t have to be difficult, but it probably requires a little more thought […]

cleaning windows

How to keep your windows clean

Have you found that the beautiful and serene view of the world outside your home is marred by foggy, streaky or dirty windows? Well, luckily there are easy ways to clean windows and keep them shinning. Fortunately, cleaning windows is a process that only needs to happen once in a while. Experts in the domestic […]

house value

How do gardens affect property value?

A lot of properties these days don’t have gardens. With this in mind, it seems to make sense that a garden would add value to a property. Of course, this is only taking into account the fact that most people are getting apartments instead of houses these days. Most houses will have gardens, so it’s […]