garden maintenance

5 easy tips for garden maintenance

A house with a huge garden in front of it – this is a picture everyone envisions for a dream home. Well, owning a garden is easy but maintaining it is altogether a different story. Especially when spring arrives after the cold and chilly winters, a garden needs some help to get back its luster […]

make your house a home

7 ways to make your house a home

A house is a literal concrete building. A home, on the other hand, has a much more personal meaning. This word carries a very strong emotional connotation, a sense of personal connection with a place while the word “house” significantly implies just a neutral feeling. Most of us probably have a house, whether it is […]

9 low maintenance houseplants

9 low maintenance houseplants

Houseplants are a wonderful way to bring some nature & colour into your home, but knowing which ones to pick can be tricky. This new infographic from Home Adviser will save you from the frustration of buying a new plant, only to see it die in the first week. Find out which plants require the […]