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Total gardening solutions

If a homeowner wanted to revamp their garden, they would naturally turn to a landscape gardener, who, for a price, would prepare the ground, and build the garden in terms of grass, soil and terrace. There would his boundaries lay, and if you wanted some finishing touches like timber furniture or garden features and ornaments, […]

tree pruning

3 reasons to have your trees pruned

If you want to have healthy trees, you need to make sure you keep them pruned. Not only will your trees stay productive and healthy, pruning will help them grow and remain safe during heavy rains and storms. In this article, we’ve compiled the top three reasons why you should keep your trees pruned. Please […]


What is Xeriscaping?

If you haven’t heard of this trend in gardening and landscaping, its not surprising. The term has been coined in the 1980s, whereas the concept exists since the 1970s. It hasn’t become universally popular yet, but it is gaining some traction, particularly in drier climates, such as southern California. In a nutshell, xeriscaping is a […]


Backyard transformation with double hung windows

Whether it’s about new entry door or replacement windows, satisfaction tends to be a crucial factor. They are responsible to contribute to home’s overall appeal and are expected to complement interior as well as exterior. Once everything is done on major areas, another place needs attention that usually facilitates owners in every situation- the backyard. […]