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blocked drain

Why you should get a CCTV drain survey

A CCTV drain survey is a procedure that includes using waterproof cameras to understand the workings of your drain, see any blockages, and discover any potential problems. During the process, access rods and crawlers are used to provide an entrance to the drain so that CCTV cameras and sonar units can be used for both […]

pest control

Why is pest control necessary?

One of the ways to keep your home safe is to remove pests inside it. Some rodents carry diseases and could infest your kitchens. Termites cause damage to your ceilings or walls especially if they are made from wood. Insects, spiders, and bugs can bite you. These and a lot of others are the reasons […]

Rental property

Rental property: Protecting and inspecting your investment

As a property owner and provider of a home rental service, performing property inspections is an essential part of your job. Even if you have cooperative and responsible tenants, doing routine inspections can help avoid big problems to occur. By conducting regular inspections, you also communicate to a renter the condition you expect the property […]

luxury swimming pool

5 luxurious pool trends from a gunite pool builder

Many homeowners believe no landscape is complete without a swimming pool. These versatile features can be used for exercise, play, and relaxation in equal measure and contribute a great deal to the aesthetic of a landscape design. If you’re going for luxury in your summer landscaping, it’s essential that you incorporate the same theme into […]