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pink flowers

4 “pretty in pink” flowers & when to plant them

Whether you’re a fan of feminine shades or prefer a less stereotypically “girly” colour palette, there’s no denying that pink blooms look blooming beautiful in almost every garden. In fact, even in fashion and interior design, pink is having something of a moment. So called “millennial pink” is the current shade du jour, while Pantone […]


Paving options for your garden

Paving remains one of the most popular ways to create a driveway and paths around your garden.  One reason for this is that there is a lot of different styles of paving so you are sure to find a style to suit you.  Another benefit of paving is that is much more adaptable to awkwardly […]

garden lights

A guide to garden LED lights

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden to enjoy, make sure that it’s set up in a way that you can enjoy it and relax in it at different times of the day.  Having the right lighting LED system that’s energy efficient and that enhances the environment is going to pull you out of […]

gardening trends

Top garden trends for 2017

Looking forward to getting back in the garden now that spring has sprung? Trends might be less perennial than a butterfly bush, but that doesn’t mean they can’t inspire you to get your garden looking better than ever. Check out our list of top garden trends for 2017 – from sustainability to design, furniture and […]

moving house

3 things to do to when moving home or office

Shifting homes or office can be a really challenging task for some people, especially for those who are not too good with planning things. This is not about shifting just one item from one room to the next; it is about shifting your entire house to a new location. To help make shifting homes a […]