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5 unique ways to jazz-up your living room

When you think about the time spent in your living room, it is a bit odd that it doesn’t get decorated and changed up more often. We don’t wear the same clothing, shoes or even keep the same haircut for very long. Yet, people continue to have the same style in their living rooms for years and years. Eventually, when you decided to spice things up, it becomes confusing and overwhelming with the number of choices. The key is to start slow and keep things simple. To make it easy for anyone looking to change things up, we came up with 5 unique ways to get a bit of zing in your living room.

Take a Step Back

Before you can figure out what to add you need to figure out what has to change. This goes for every space, not just your living room. You will be surprised to find how many things are too small, too big, not in style, or simply damaged. However, the most significant factor that will sway your decisions will be what you still like.

Once you have made your final decisions, you can move onto the next step, figuring out your style!

As you attempt to pinpoint your style, you can rely on magazines, interior design shows, and blogs to give you some inspiration. Focus on particular styles and looks so you can visualize how you would implement them in your living room. If you like painted wood, then think about what color you would like. Do you enjoy contemporary seating? Or, do you prefer simple, classic designs? All these questions will help give you direction.

Finally, remember to categorize your ideas. Your big ideas will most likely lead to big purchases that dictate your design direction. For example, the sofa color and style will profoundly influence what décor you will be able to put around it. You don’t want one massive purchase to lead you in a direction that is hard to work with.

Opposite Styles Attracting

Using opposites to create a distinctive style in your living room can go a long way. If you have an open room, you can start by using contrasting colors and seating styles. For example, you can style around fabric sofas or chairs with contemporary flooring and older style rugs. By using opposite styles you can create something different, the idea is not to replicate the same styles you see over and over again.

One thing to be careful from is going too extreme. You want to create a harmony in your living room that helps cozy up the space; too many opposites can ruin that.

Rustic Texturizing

This is one of our favorite styling concepts! By using charcoal, neutral rust, and wood-esque elements, you can bring new life to your living room. If you are looking for a bigger project, we recommend looking into wooden beams that bring forth an antique sense.

Another theme we love is exposed brick, although it isn’t common, using exposed brick with oak and leather can help tremendously texturize your space.

Using Ergonomic Recliners

Recliners present a great way to improve how you relax with style. Modern recliners have numerous features that older style chairs can’t compete with.

The best part is they don’t have to cost you a fortune; you can find some great recliners on sale under 200 that provide style and support. By having differently styled recliners (slim, plush, with an ottoman or without) you can create little sections in your living room.

With the development of modern living rooms, it has become necessary that your furniture do more. For example, getting one of the best recliners for back pain also means you get an ergonomic and stylish chair that doesn’t ruin your living room theme.

Create a Full Gallery

When we say create a gallery, people often imagine tons and tons of paintings. That is one part of it, but using all types of art to create a cohesive gallery helps bring out color and life into your living room

What you want to do is build your gallery from the ground up. Use bookshelves that act as walls and extend from the floor to the ceiling. Add a manageable “garden” to complement your paintings and bookshelves with smaller plants. You can even play with the color scheme of your room by using different shades of green and opening up an entire natural element to the room.

Low Furniture and Rugs

Using levels of your furniture can change the perception of the room significantly. Try using short pieces of furniture like tufted couches, low sitting chairs, and smaller tables. Another neat trick that we like to use is adding rugs to complement the color scheme.

Having colors and patterns that boost plain furniture helps bring out the little features of everything in your room, especially in open floor spaces.

Putting it all Together

There isn’t one particular way to make your living room feel new, and there shouldn’t be. If you want to spice things up, then you’re going to have to get creative, and that doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. Think outside the box, and you’re going to have a new living room you will love!


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