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5 Tips for taking care of your trees in Mt Pleasant, SC

Trees make the surrounding area look beautiful. They provide clean air, shade, home for birds and they can make your home beautiful when you use them in your landscaping plan. Trees can help you to connect with nature and relax because of their calming effect. Besides, a property that has trees has a higher value.

However, for you to get the best out of the trees in Mt Pleasant, SC, you need to take care of them. Here are a few tips that can help you.

1. Water the trees

Newly planted trees need plenty of water at 1.5 inches of rainfall. In case you have planted the tree in a dry season, you should water the tree every week using approximately 25 gallons.

When the trees mature, they do not need watering if it is raining. However, the amount of water a tree needs depends on its species. Make sure you find out how much water your tree needs and how often it needs to be watered.

2. Mulch the trees

Mulching helps the soil to retain moisture and it controls the growth of weeds and grass. Mulch around the trees using leaves and shredded bark. However, do not mulch too close to the tree trunk. Leave a space of about 3 inches between the trunk and mulch so that the tree does not die due to rotting of the roots, pests or messed up soil pH.

Apply a mulch of approximately 3 inches high and make it into a 3-foot ring surrounding the tree trunk.

3. Prune the trees

Trees need pruning to get rid of unwanted branches such as the dead ones and those growing at unhealthy angles.

Not all trees are pruned the same. Therefore, find out how your types of trees are pruned. You can use visual diagrams to guide you on how to prune.  While at it, make sure you do not remove more than a quarter of the crown in a single season.

4. Remove trees

You may need to remove some trees such as those that start dying or that are diseased because they can fall and cause damage. A weak tree can fall on the house, people or animals. Also, diseased trees may infect others.

If half or more of the tree is damaged, then remove it. You can look out for vertical cracks and seams to identify a tree that is rotting from inside.  Also, a tree that has a majority of its branches dead should be removed.

You can also remove a tree if it preventing other trees from growing.

5. Use the services of an arborist

Taking care of trees requires commitment, know-how and time. You should know how to take care of different tree species in Mt Pleasant SC. Sometimes you could be too busy to do all the caring such as pruning. Besides, pruning mature trees needs to be done by an arborist.

This is why you should hire the services of a certified arborist to take care of your trees, may it in pruning, fertilization, trimming, inspection, removing or stump grinding.

Other than the experience, an arborist knows how to take care of different types of trees. You can definitely find Palmetto Tree Service in Mt Pleasant, SC and have your trees well cared for.

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