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5 crucial tips for moving heavy furniture

Moving in never a piece of cake! A million things could go wrong and result in tarnishing your expensive bulky furniture and this is probably the worst thing that could happen. In this situation it pays to have some professional help that will help you to pack and move your heavy furniture as they are an expert in packing and transporting items. So if you are from Brisbane and you are looking for some help in moving your stuff around Brisbane Movers will get your job done properly; and you can stop worrying about your furniture or other items being ruined.

Here are 5 crucial tips from movers that will help you to move heavy furniture easily:

Get or Rent a Dolly

You can save your back by investing on buying or renting a dolly. A utility dolly is one that is straight upright and has two wheels and is mostly used to move boxes as well as breakables. Similarly, a furniture dolly that has a flat base with four wheels is used to move large and heavy furniture. Only ensure that the furniture is well secured and don’t forget to get some help while moving items up the ramp of a moving truck or up and down the staircase.

While moving wrap up your furniture in a blanket

A smart way to secure your furniture is by wrapping them in a blanket or a pad while moving. The secure and soft cushioning of the pad or blanket can be used to wrap it around a couch and keep it away from dust. It can also be used to wrap around an antique in order to keep it scratch free.

Make use of moving straps

A must have item that one should have while deciding to move are moving straps. These moving straps come in great help while moving some heavy furniture. These straps could be used to move large and delicate items such as the couch, household appliances or a flat screen TV. Anything that needs more than a pair of hands requires a moving strap to secure it. These moving straps not only help keep back injuries at bay but it can also be used to secure any item placed on the dolly once it has been placed into the moving truck. Alternatively to moving straps, ropes could also be used.

Packing tape and scissors

One cannot move anything without the help of some packing tape and scissors. These two items have always been a life saver. Packing tape can be used to tape up boxes or packages during transport. Similarly, it can also be used to protect different parts of furniture as well as the corners of a blanket. Packing Tape can also be used to hold down screws and tools on the underside of tables and desks as well.

Move moving easier up and down the stares

A stair roller is a must while moving heavy furniture up and down the steps. This device can be quite easily attached, thereby enabling heavy items to roll down quite easily down a set of stairs. A stair roller is very much helpful when you need to navigate heavy items of furniture up and down carpeted steps.

Bonus tips

Bonus tip 1- Try and remove additional parts

In order to make huge and bulky items easier to move it is wise to remove as many additional parts as you can. For instance, never try and move a desk that has drawers in place as well as the contents inside these drawers. A wise decision is to empty the drawers and detach them from the desk. But in case you are unable to remove the drawers, simply remove the contents from the drawers and shut the drawers close. Additionally, it will also help if you remove knobs, pulls or legs off your bulky furniture items and will in turn make the furniture comparatively lighter and easier to move around. This practice also prevents the parts of the furniture from gouging walls and pinching fingers.

Bonus tips 2- Never pull the furniture, always push it

Pushing is quite simple and less exerting as compared to pulling. Hence, push the furniture before lifting it. Apart from this pulling add additional pressure on the back. One can also place an old sheet or a piece of cardboard under the furniture to make pulling relatively easier. One can also make use of gliders as this will make pushing less hazardous.

Bonus tips 3- If you cannot do it simply hire a mover such as Brisbane Movers to do it for you

Nobody likes moving things around. But if you can have someone else to do this work for you then why not? Brisbane movers provide you with a price that will not pinch your pocket and that will suit your needs.

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