About Garden Furniture Land

Welcome to Garden Furniture Land. We’re based in beautiful North-East Wales and we sell premium quality timber garden furniture.

We’re picky about our suppliers

Our manufacturing partners have been carefully selected on the basis of quality workmanship, stock availability and responsible use of resources. We don’t like cheap and nasty furniture, we like garden products that are built to last. We specialise in solid, chunky, timber garden furniture. After all, nobody ever regretted paying for quality.

We prefer pressure treated timber

We use pressure treated wood in the vast majority of our products. It’s better than dip-treatment because the preservative liquids are forced deep into the timber, rather than just sitting on the surface. This gives your garden furniture better protection against decay and rot and requires virtually zero maintenance.

We’re serious about sustainability

Many of our products are produced using a minimum of 70% FSC certified timber. FSC timber is sourced from carefully controlled forests that produce timber sustainably. And because our products are built to last for years, they don’t need to be replaced as often as lower quality products, which means there is less waste.

We’re based in the UK

Our head office is located in North-East Wales. It’s not only a gorgeous part of the world, it’s right in the middle of the UK and a great place to have our warehouse. Items are dispatched from North-East Wales and can be delivered anywhere in mainland Great Britain.

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